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Trust is the Key, Our Security-First Mindset Drives IT Services

Our security-first approach is built on trust, guaranteeing the utmost protection for your sensitive data and systems. We offer comprehensive IT solutions and services, including cyber security, disaster recovery, and round-the-clock technical support in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our expertise covers data access control, incident response, network security, security specialists, cyber threats, and best security practices.

A security-first mindset


Build Trust and Ensure Security with Out Task

Out Task prioritizes security and compliance, helping companies establish and maintain their security posture. We specialize in endpoint security, cloud security, and application security. Our services address security threats, offer effective solutions, and implement risk management practices. We validate our controls through independent experts and hold ISO 27001 certification. Trust us for comprehensive network, endpoint, application, and data security.

Data Security, Privacy and Compliance

Out Task offers advanced security and compliance automation services to protect your company's sensitive data. We ensure your data remains secure and compliant with regulations, mitigating legal and financial risks. Our team is dedicated to maintaining your trust and is available to address any compliance or privacy inquiries you may have. Contact us today for expert data security solutions and a prompt response to security incidents.

Data Security-1

Stringent Security Controls

3rd Party Pen Testing 1
3rd Party Pen Testing

Our security measures are tested by a qualified assessor and we make major changes to our infrastructure and processes regularly.

Phishing Testing 1
Phishing Testing

Every month, we simulate phishing exercises with all staff using extremely realistic phishing emails. 

Security by Design 1
Security by Design

When connecting to customers' environments, we use the least privilege possible, scoping out only what is required to satisfy the control. 

Monthly Security Training 2
Monthly Security Training

We've partnered with a leading security training company to cover 13 major topics for our employee training.


Spoofing Protection
Spoofing Protection

Network spoofing protection is enabled by our cloud provider, which prevents adversaries from spoofing traffic or arp addresses.


AWS handles physical and virtual aspects as part of the shared responsibility model. Deployments with AWS reduce our footprint and improve our security posture.

Anomaly Detection 1

Anomaly Detection

For anomaly detection, Out Task employs a variety of services, including Guard Duty and third-party security services from reputable vendors. 

Google Workspace 1

      Google        Workspace

Google workspaces pass audits and comply with the highest security standards in the sector. Its security features allow us to create flexible and scalable workspaces.


Endpoint Detection Response 1
Endpoint Detection Response

Out Task uses EDR technology for endpoint security to detect and prevent potential threats beyond anti-virus software.

Mobile Device Management 1
Mobile Device Management

All of our devices are centrally managed with policies around security, patching, and encryption enforced.

DNS DNS Filtering Protection
DNS Filtering Protection

We have implemented advanced DNS filtering on our endpoints to filter malicious requests that could harm our employees and infrastructure.

Advanced Threat Detection 1
Advanced Threat Detection

Out Task uses ATP protection and 24/7 managed threat hunting to combat threat actors targeting specific companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Out Task do?

Out Task helps companies maintain their security posture and build trust by providing security and compliance services.

What areas does Out Task serve?

Out Task serves small businesses in San Francisco, California, with a focus on prioritizing security and compliance for customer trust.

What does Out Task do to ensure security and compliance?

Out Task works with independent experts to verify their own security, privacy, and compliance controls and has achieved ISO 27001 certification. They also implement various security controls, such as third-party penetration testing, monthly phishing testing, and stringent security controls.

How does Out Task handle data security and privacy?

Out Task is committed to achieving and maintaining the trust of their customers, partners, and employees. They use the least privilege possible when connecting to customers' environments and complete annual third-party penetration tests. Additionally, they use various security services, including Guard Duty and third-party security services from reputable vendors, for anomaly detection.

How does Out Task handle endpoint security?

Out Task uses endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology to identify potential threats and enforce policies around security, patching, and encryption.

What infrastructure does Out Task use for added security?

Out Task utilizes AWS infrastructure and Google Workspace for added security. They also implement various endpoint security technologies, such as EDR for potential threat identification, and mobile device management policies for centrally managed devices.

Does OutTask offer any training for its employees?

Yes, OutTask offers monthly security training for its employees.

Areas We Serve

Out Task assists San Francisco small businesses in prioritizing security and compliance for customer trust. With ISO 27001 certification, we utilize reliable vendor security services, AWS infrastructure, and Google Workspace. Our security controls include third-party penetration testing and monthly phishing tests. Trust our expertise in cyber security and supply chain protection.

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